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8 air yards per target on the year That's fine. Save your tweets. We know. The Oregon offense lacks a number of critical pro style elements, likely necessitating a learning phase for Mariota. All that said, Mariota is a special athlete with above average arm strength, and is known as a quick processor of information. It's entirely possible he picks up the pro game immediately, cheap hockey jerseys China authentic nhl jerseys China wholesale mlb jerseys China; more about robokidz.84995.x6.nabble.com, particularly if Mariota reunites with his old college coach.

As Simms said in that segment, "There are very few quarterbacks in that category." In fact, there are just three elite quarterbacks in the NFL today: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Yes, it's "a small group of people." There is no gray area. There is no hesitation.