An LCD Enclosure For Factory Defense

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An LCD enclosure is an important part of any factory floor data collection solution, as these care for the expensive electronic systems from the dirt and grime related with a manufacturing facility.

If you have ever visited a factory, you will know that there is a high amount of dust and grime and this is why the plant information system is protected in a computer enclosure, these offer NEMA4X and NEMA4 protection, with the jump in devices we are seeing huge screens being configured in facilities.

What is an LCD enclosure
An LCD housing is a protective housing that will store a standard lcd monitor, made from steel and waterproof to prevent any fluid ingress damaging the devices inside.

When you seal an casing, problems occur this is why the LCD enclosure has to have some form of internal temperature control so the units are at home in arctic conditions as well as in deserts, preventing any equipment failure.

Numerous manufacturers including Heinz, Delmonte, Northern Foods, Ford Motor Company and Honda to name a few.

As these firms appreciate the data that the computer collection systems generates and with the current world of instantaneous information, customers need to know when their requisition is going to dispatch,  using these information systems the client can login and discover accurately where their requisition is in the manufacturing queue..

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If there is an existing information network in the manufacturing facility this can be used, if not there is a probability of an expensive wiring deployment, but if you use an existing network the workstation and printer are positioned into their respective housings and the large LCD enclosure for the plasma and LCD televisions are installed to a gantry or to a wall, these are networked to a computer and demonstrate the information for that production line.

Without this defense the hardware would pack up in under a month in the circumstances of a factory or even out-of-doors.

So an out-of-doors solution can incorporate into a manufacturing facility system, by integrating the PC enclosure and the LCD cases for the best in factory information system security.

An LCD housing for factory protection

An LCD cabinet is an important element of any factory floor data collection solution, as these protect the high-priced electronic hardware from the dirt and filth related with a factory.